She left her companions. Do you want to know the reason why ? She was being called a characterless woman since she got infatuated to a guy after the end of a relationship where she gave love way too much. That was it. 


3 positives of being lonely.


Hello and welcome once again to my blog peeps ! So, here I’m, ready with the topic suggested by one of my readers. Here, I’ll be writing to you all about loneliness and how it can positively affect you.



Loneliness is a phase or time of being with no one but yourself. It is the time when you feel you’re isolated and often feel depressed about it. Loneliness can affect anyone at any age. The time you realize you’re lonely is the moment when you feel nobody likes being with you and ignores you like hell. But don’t you worry, ‘cause your blogger friend is here to tell you some positive facts of loneliness that is surely gonna help you see the better side of your isolation.



Yes, you read it right! Try to remember a single time when you could finish writing a poem or reading a story in a chaotic environment ? You can’t recall, right ? This is because you haven’t ever done any creative in a mess. You can’t concentrate on writing or studying in such kind of a surrounding. This doesn’t mean you have some disorder or something, it happens to all of us. We need a peaceful environment to discover something creative. So, it is quite easier for lonely people to think of good ideas and that is to my opinion the best power of being lonesome.



We were surrounded with people all around one day and gradually we realized how they started judging us or our opinions. We realized we don’t belong there. And one fine day we parted from them and chose the lonely path. This steadily helped us know ourselves better and to point out our flaws and we continued carrying with us the better part of ourselves.

Loneliness helps us focus on “US” and not on the unwanted crowd around us. It helps us love ourselves more than anyone else. It makes us capable of having our own opinions and knowing that the decisions that we make are relevant.



Remember one thing in life – no one is ever going to help you achieve your dreams ! It’s your aim so you shall be achieving it on your own. There are many of us who have wasted part of our lives on friends and unknown people but today just after reading this pause for a moment and ponder on what I’ve said ‘cause this is going to be the worst harm you’ve ever done to yourself. Many of us even think that “ I HAVE MY FRIENDS WITH ME, I HAVE EVERYTHING “. To be honest, I feel so pity for such people.

So, without judging much, I would say that it’s okay if you’re lonely. You are brave soul to face this path. Just remember loneliness can either uplift your confidence and your faith or you may totally face a downfall so it’s up to you as to which path of loneliness you chose to live and face – positive or negative. I’d always recommend you to follow the positive one though it’s tough and takes time to find out your real reasons and creative ability yet this is going to be the best decision you have ever taken. Have patience. Every other success will come forth if you have faith and perseverance. Signing up here, saying something that I always say BE POSITIVE ! Thanks for reading.


How to know if he/she is my best friend ?


Hello and welcome to my new blog, guys ! I’m sorry for being this late. Anyway, I will pin up my apology with today’s topic. So, let’s get started.

Nobody in this world can live without a single friend. A friend is a one whom we love spending time with and the one with whom we share a lot of secrets and memories. But what if the one whom you consider as your best friend doesn’t even care about you and has got another best friend ? If you have this question in your mind then you’ve paused on the right place to know your answer.


      • i'll rember

      It hurts when you hear secrets of your best friend after a year that incident really happened, right ? So, if your best friend really considers you the same you should be the first person they disclose their secret with. You need not even hear that from someone else. They will trust you and say every single little thing without any hesitation.

      If you’re going through this then I request you not to trust that person anymore ‘cause they don’t care if you are a part of their lives or not.



      Talk to your friend about your position in their life as a friend. They would surely give you a long list that they reckon you as their best friend but all you need to do is check out if they are saying the truth or they are just faking. Check if they have another best friend and are continuing a friendship based on a lie that they regard you as their best friend.

      The truth is there are a lot of people who have got an inborn talent of acting or pretending something so all I want you to be is aware of such people.



      Your best-friend is your soul mate. Whenever he/she needs any help you are ready for him/her. But what if they call on somebody else’s phone and not yours when they need any help ? These kind of people only keep a friend like you for their second or third option. They consider someone else as their soul mate and their first priority will be that person only. If that person refuses to do something for them then you’re surely gonna get a phone call from them saying “ I need your help”.

      So, all you need to do is stay away from these kind of people ‘cause they are gonna use you for their own profit and all you’ll be at is a true friend’s loss.

       * ABANDONED

      Best-fake-friends-tumblr-quotHere, I would like to share a story with you all about my experience with my so called friends. So, it was an incident that happened two years back and me and my squad were fighting over something and I was sitting inside the classroom crying because all my friends were blaming me for something I don’t think was a mistake. I was trying to make them understand and all they did was leave me and sit on the other row because they didn’t want to talk to me. I was left all alone. But the most shocking moment for me was when I saw my best-friend leaving me all alone when I really needed someone to support me at that phase of time.

      So, through this I want you to beware of such kind of friendships. This is not at all a healthy relationship. When they leave you at times when you need them the most they show you their real faces and I request you don’t ignore those faces ‘cause these kind of toxic relationships are gonna hurt you later.

      So, here I conclude today’s blog with a piece of advice –


    • No matter how much great your friendship is. Don’t get too much involved that when they betray you stumble and fall. We all have come to this world all alone and will leave all alone someday. So, all you need to do is have a friend who is trust worthy and most importantly who trusts you in turn and the one who does not lie to you and keeps you ignorant of everything. This is all I had to share with you all today. Stay tuned for more exciting blogs and don’t forget to read the task below. Thanks for reading.

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My insecurities and how I deal with them.


Hey peeps! I hope y’all are doing great. I’m starting off this way today because I wanted to do something different this time apart from the stories I have been sharing since December and I think sharing my life’s biggest insecurities couldn’t have been a better topic.

All of us have got something or the other as an “INSECURITY”, right? Be it people around us or any part of our body that doesn’t make us look pretty or handsome. So here I am trying to put together my issues regarding my appearance and the way I deal with them.



Enter a caption

Oh my God ! I never thought I’d be talking to the world about this when I have always kept it to myself. I have hated me for reminding myself that I have them but this time I have decided something – I’ll let it all out in this blog, okay ? Since, my mind is all set now so let me tell you what this really is! Sideburns are hair follicles on the sides of a human face. It looks weird especially on a female’s face and unfortunately, I HAVE THEM. I hate to say this over and over again but it pulls my confidence down, like, really really down ( those who have them might understand how I feel). When I was a child I even used to think that I look like a MAN ! I still remember me googling up like this – “ How to get rid of sideburns?” or “ How to remove sideburns permanently?” and trust me you get a long list where they provide you many many many remedies like –

1. Waxing,

2. Threading,

3. Shaving, etc.

Do you know what I did ? Okay, now let’s reveal this in 2017. I WAXED THEM( like seriously ? You waxed them, Prasurjya ?) Hold on, hold on, don’t you want to know the reason why ? ( Yes, of course. ). So, the reason is that the previous day one of my friend told me that my sideburns looked like BEARD on a NO SHAVE NOVEMBER and trust me ! That hurt so bad. When you hear such ugly comments for your ugly parts you go deep into depression and so did I. Thus, this is the reason that forced me to wax it all off. But the worst was yet to come. The GROWTH of the hair follicles back on the sides and believe me guys it turns uglier than the previous ones. So, finally I came to this conclusion that I should not focus on the uglier side of my face and try to highlight the better ones and forget about these nasty sideburns and walk confidently. Today when I look at the mirror my sideburns go out of notice and even if I notice them – I DON’T CARE.


So, so, so, every girl wants to have long beautiful nails, coated with different colors of nail paints, right? Honestly, I have nails. I have them, you wanna see ? Have a look-


They are curved. I mean, they don’t grow straight or upwards. They grow in a way I can’t decorate them or paint them with any nail paint. All they look after applying nail paint is – EVEN WORSE. The previous year I tried keeping long nails and I was successful too but my friend said they are unhygienic and so you need to cut them. I didn’t listen to her. I continued growing it but a few days later I don’t know what had happened to me but I started growing a strong desire to cut them off and thus my dream of keeping long nails ended but I discovered and realized that I don’t have a flawless hand as all my other friends have – it’s kind of ugly, you know ?. So, though I still have a strong desire to have a beautiful hand with pretty nails but I’m pretty happy with the short ones now.



So, let me tell you this little story. Many of my friends do not know that I have once been slim and everything I mean every single little thing used to fit me. But times don’t remain the same as you know and I turned this thing called F-A-T in the last 2-3 years. I’m still not used to being fat you know because I was not born fat. So this little sad and depressing story wrecked my life to be honest. I can’t deal with this one at least. I mean, it’s tragic to see slim girls wearing whatever they like and walking out of their homes with confidence.

Let me tell you another little story regarding this –

Last year I went to my friend’s house and all the other girls were doing was stare at me and trying to advice me what I should wear since I have turned fat. “ You know what you should wear this.” said one. “ No, no, she shouldn’t wear that.” argued the other. I was like why ? Why do you people need to talk like that in front of me? You all aren’t carrying all my fat with you for me so why are you trying to figure out what must be done to make me “APPEAR” slim?

I seriously hate it when I’m all set to go somewhere wearing my favorite clothes and at the eleventh hour my Dad says “ What have you dressed up yourself with ? Wear something good go, go, go.”

So, all I’ve done now is wear whatever my Dad says but this won’t last long. I swear.

So this was all I wanted to share with you all. I hope you all loved it as much as I loved writing in a new way. All I wanted to share through this blog is we should not be afraid or feel insecure about any of our body parts because it’s true and obvious that body shapes and appearance differ from person to person. All we should do is be thankful to the Almighty that we are surviving this beautiful life. Thanks for reading.

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